I have a by-choice diet of just poultry and fish. I haven’t really consumed any red or pink meat (aka pork) in over 8 years!

Though I must agree some dishes are much tastier when cooked with beef or pork, a lot of it has to do with the fact that certain sauces/marinades are made particularly for that protein. All in all, if a sauce or marinade is made well, almost any protein, whether its beef, pork, lamb, chicken, shrimp, or tofu, the dish will still come out delicious. And Wild Garden proves just that.

Wild Garden is a line of food products that prides itself in bringing the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean right to your kitchen table.

I have been familiar with the brand as I’ve seen it sold at various grocery stores, but, never thought to purchase the products because I wasn’t too familiar with cooking Mediterranean food before. Now, no lie, there is always a Wild Garden package in my pantry!

For my first Wild Garden meal, I used the Shawarma quick marinade and Couscous packages. Even though the shawarma package is pictured with beef, I substituted it with chicken instead. This quick marinade works well with any protein. Since it was my first time, I basically imitated when I saw on the package thanks to the recipe imprinted on the back of this package!


  1. My chicken shawarma was made with: boneless chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, sweet onion {purple}, kosher salt, and parsley.
  2. I purchased one pound of boneless chicken breast and cut the chicken into small cubes.
  3. I marinated the chicken with the shawarma quick marinade, mixed it together, put saran wrap over the bowl and placed it in the fridge to marinate.
  4. While the chicken was marinating, I cut up the veggies according to my preference. In this particular case I cut the cherry tomatoes in half, the onions into thin slices and the parsley was chopped up fine.
  5. Next, I heated up olive oil in a fry pan. I cooked the chicken to about 75% done and threw in the veggies.
  6. While that was cooking, I microwaved the Couscous. It is fully cooked in 90 seconds! Just make sure to mix the package around before and cut only a corner of the packet.

The prep for this meal was quite simple. You do not need to be a chef, as the skill level to make this divine dish is pretty much a beginner’s level. It took me roughly 10-15 mins to prep everything. Keep in mind, depending on your preference you can marinate the protein longer to give it a stronger taste. I only marinated mine while I was prepping the veggies and fry pan. Even in those 10 mins or so, the chicken was full of flavor!


Overall, the entire meal only took about 20 mins to make! Not only that, I was able to make 4 meals out of it! The flavors and aroma were bold and rich. Just make sure to pop a window or two while cooking because its a strong aroma!

For more information about Wild Garden, their products, recipes and more. Visit their website at WildGarden.

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.


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