Not surprising but, apparently Nashville now falls second only to Las Vegas in terms of bachelorette parties?! Find out why…

How We Got Down Wit’ the Run Down

My male cousin and his fiancé were visiting Chicago this past October. I casually brought up having her bachlorette rager in Nashville, after seeing it on the HBO Series ‘Master of None’. Around that time, I also learned it was one of the top 4 bachlorette cities in the nation (up there with Las Vegas, Miami, & Los Angeles)! Long behold, she was really up for the idea and brought it back to her bridal party. Within a few months we were looking up flights and planned for her bachlorette in Nashville!

Welcome To The House Party, House Partayy

We rented an Airbnb simply because it’s hardly a bachelorette weekend if you aren’t all in one space, am I right? We rented a cozy, charming 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in East Nashville. It was about 3-4 miles away from downtown, which took us about 10 mins via car to get to the bars. The house worked absolutely perfect for our 10 person party! We were able to enjoy brunch as a group, host bachlorette games, mix, mingle, socialize, and have some nighttime fun with a cowboy *wink wink*

Bachlorette TableBfast

Run Down

We gave ourself three nights—longer is ideal if you can swing it—majority flew in Thursday and out Sunday afternoon, which worked out fairly well, as we learned many things are closed in Nashville on Sundays and Mondays anyway. Note: Sundays before noon, alcohol cannot be served or sold!

Foodie Foodie Foodie Eatin’ Everywhere

Oh The Places We’d Go!

Additional Notes/Tips:

  • Nashville is an up and coming city, it is said to be the #1 fastest growing city in the Nation, with that being said, the city will only become greater over time!
  • Nashville is not just country music, it truly is Music City! So many great artist such as Johnny Cash, Elvis, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, just to name a few have come out from this great place. If you’re big on music, you’d really appreciate the live music!
  • Oddly enough, even though it is bachlorette/bachelor nation — its a great place to visit with your significant other!
  • Cowboy boots are still in, cowboy hats – not so much!

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