Back in May of this year, I attended the Sweet & Snacks Expo in Chicago, IL. This exclusive Expo brought together over 800 exhibiting companies from 23 countries! The Sweets & Snacks Expo provides exclusive access to candy and snack retailers from around the world. It is not open to the public, but I got really lucky and was able to attend as media! Yasssssssss.

It is at the expo that I got my hands on a We Eat Better product and I was hooked! I left with a bag of their Wheat Crisp flavored with sweetened agave. My first impression of the snack was that it had a texture and crunch similar to mini toasts. It does not break into little particles when you bite into them and I could really taste the agave. Its not a faint taste but its not so overly sweet. I enjoyed them alone and also with hummus. I was so thoroughly impressed with it that I even shared them on my instagram! Since then I’ve tried all of their products and I want to share with you why they are one of my go to snacks!

Some notable facts about these We Eat Better products:

  • All of our products are made with 5 or 6 ingredients
  • The Wheat Crisps are vegan, low fat, non-gmo, and made from 100% whole grain and not made with any artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Protein Crisps: Made with the same ingredients as their Wheat crisp, but with the added benefit of being packed with protein. Protein Crisps have 28 grams of protein per bag!

Wheat crisps come in 3 flavors including; original, sea salt, and crushed red pepper. Just like their Wheat Crisps, the Protein Crisp is made with the same ingredients and with the added benefit of being packed with protein. All of these little crisps are perfect on their own or can be topped with your favorite dip. I have tried it with guacamole, hummus, and cheese!

My favorite flavor of the Wheat Crisps is the sea salt. The sea salt does not over power the crisp but there is the right amount of seasoning. However, between all of them, the Protein Crisp are my favorite overall. As of late, I have been relying on their Protein Crisp as my go to snack. From pre/post work-outs to just mid-day snacking, it is such a favorable snack for me! It’s not too heavy and it is packed with a sizeable amount of protein!

Currently their products are only available online. The Wheat Crisps can be purchased in a 12 pack, while the Protein Crisps can be purchased in a 24 pack.

For additional information about We Eat Better and their extension brand Protein Crisps, check out their website and instagrams below!



We Eat Better brand

We Eat Better Protein Crisps



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