My Million Dollar Holiday Look for $50!

Like 99% of the world, I grew up with humble beginnings. Due to my upbringing, I learned how to be frugal and conservative with my money (for the most part). For example, when it comes to clothing shopping, it takes a lotttttt of convincing to spend money on a specific piece. I’ve learned to shop with a purpose and have mastered bargain shopping!

This is an irregular blog post but I wanted to share with you how I was able to pull off a red carpet look for only $50!

My friend, Jackson threw a holiday soiree that had a huge emphasize on being extra, fancy, fabulous, and glamorous. Pretty much think ‘Red Carpet’ awards shows. Well, instantly the 1920’s came to mind!

Here is what it took to get the look:

  1. Hair: I went for the classic 1920’s hair, where all the hair was on one side. The only supplies you need are: hairspray, hair clips (not bobby pins), and a curling iron. Youtube is a great place to get a tutorial on this specific curl. Cost: $Free since I already had all the supplies.
  2. Make up: For my face, I used Urban Decay Naked Flush on my cheeks, went neutral on my eyelids with Urban Decay’s Naked Basics, colored in my eyebrows really dark with Anatasia Dipbrow Pomade, and I had eyelash extensions. Cost: $Free since I already had all the supplies.
  3. Earrings: I purchased those earrings at a vendor event for $2!
  4. Dress: Green Velvet body con from Amazon! Yes I recommend having a look in mind. That helps eliminate the stress of searching. I knew I wanted a velvet green dress and searched exactly that, “velvet green dress”. I was debating between a long dress with a slit or a mid length. In the end I chose the mid length. Cost: $18
  5. Cover up: Fur Wrap from! Faux fur is in! This is a great accessory. I believe every woman should have one. It easily elevated my outfit! Cost: $29
  6. Shoes: So initially I was looking for a style similar to the Yeezy Ankle booties but couldn’t find the right look and price. I ended crossing that idea off and decided for an open toe heel with a strap, something like this. I own a black pair similar to that but I got lucky and stopped by Akira’s outlet store and found those fuzzy heels for $1! Due to the overwhelming amount of excess retail they have, the store was buy one item, get one for $1. I was already picking up jacket so I threw in those heels for $1. I figured if they hurt, I could just donate them. Luckily enough, they were quite comfortable!

So there you have it, my look for $50! Also, best part of it all, all those pieces can be used again!

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