Introducing *Rhythm Super Foods* – Nutrient-Dense Snacks!

Did Kale make one heck of an appearance for 2017 or what? Everywhere I turned, Kale was being offered or mixed with some other food… Kale smoothies, salads, raw batch, snacks, chips… This was definitely the year of Kale! Did you know Kale is a Super food?! Meaning it is probably one the best vegetables you can consume.

I for one, did not consume much Kale until this year. I struggle to consume kale unless its in a smoothie or chopped into really small pieces and mixed with other greens. I am still getting used to kale by itself because its not the most tasteful vegetable. However, when baked or seasoned, it is a very delightful snack! I got my hands on some Rhythm Super Foods Kale Chips thanks to the Sweet & Snacks Expo and instantly was hooked.

Some notable facts about Rhythm Super foods:

  • There are three delicious superfood snack lines: Kale Chips, Beet Chips, and Roasted Kale
  • Kale Chips are made by tossing fresh, organic kale with one of their hand-crafted dressings (blend of organic seeds, vegetable powders, juices, herbs and spices). The Kale Chips are never fried — instead, they are gently dehydrated under low heat and comes in 7 different seasonings: Kool Ranch, Zesty Nachos, Mango Habanero, Honey Mustard, Original, Spicy Jalapeno, and Garlic Onion
  • Beet Chips are dehydrated beets and packed full of nitrates, fiber, and potassium. Beet Chips come in three flavors: Original, Sea Salt, and Cinnamon and Coconut sugar.
  • Roasted Kale: is 100% fresh organic Lacinato Kale that is triple-washed then roasted in a delicate oil and seasoned. Lacinato Kale, also known as Dinosaur Kale or Tuscan Kale, is high in vitamins A, K, and C.

I haven’t had a chance to try the Roasted Kale line, but the Kale Chips and Beet Chips are perfect on their own or make great additions to dishes. I have mixed the kale chips into my tuna to make a delicious tuna salad and crackers snack. While, I have used the beet chips as a side to my chicken and vegetables.

I have tried the Kale Chips original and zesty nachos. I liked the original better. With the Beet Chips, i’ve tasted the original and the sea salt. To me, beets are pretty sweet, so I preferred the sea salt over the original. Between the Kale Chips and the Beet Chips, I really like the Beet Chips! I have found myself indulging through an entire bag within a few minutes! It is a good substitute for those with a big sweet tooth like me. Lucky for me, this is one snack where I don’t feel guilty consuming a lot!

These products can be found at local grocery stores or online!

For additional information about Rhythm Superfoods, check out their social media platforms below!


Instagram: Rhythm Superfoods Instagram


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