Support Local Businesses: Get Fit Training 2010!

Hey all! If you haven’t been keeping up on my other social media platforms (FB, Twitter, Instagram) – I wanted to share with you all one of my newest projects of 2018! This year, I am making a more conscious effort to promote my tag line “Balance between eating good and living great” #EatingGoodLivingGreat. I want to share with others that it is possible to be a hardcore foodie (eat good), all while still managing an overall healthy lifestyle (living great)!

So, it is only fitting that my first ‘Support Local Businesses’ feature for 2018 is health related! First off, I consider myself a pretty active person. The problem is, no matter how hard or how much I work out, I can not get my body to that final level of intensity that I’ve always wanted! I have spent thousands of hours researching how to get there, so that I could avoid forking up money to invest in a personal trainer, only to realize now, that in order to reach my personal goal, a personal trainer is my best bet!

As of January 19, 2018, I have been a client of Jonathan Bosas and part of his online Get Fit Training program – Get Fit Online. Jonathan is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Get Fit Training 2010. He launched his online Get Fit Training program just this year, and I can attest that just a few weeks in, I already notice a difference in my body!

With that all being said, I would like to introduce to you my first 2018 support local business feature:

 Get Fit Training 2010

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Get Fit Training opened December 6, 2010 in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Jonathan started Get Fit Training because he wanted to make a difference in peoples lives! Get Fit Training offers private Personal Training, Group Training & Yoga. While, Get Fit Online is a mobile service that provides meal & workout structure and most importantly accountability.

Jonathan truly lives the brand. As he put its, “what you see is what you get. I always look to make my clients experience better than the last time. I keep things simple, I keep you accountable and I get results.”

unnamedWhen I asked Jonathan what is his biggest accomplishment since the creation of Get Fit Training, he responded back with enthusiasm “I won’t lie, having a few of my clients lose 70-90lbs is awesome and helps out the ego. However, having clients tell you that you gave them their life back and a reason to live puts things into perspective.”

Jonathan hopes to elevate and grow Get Fit Training by offering more FREE Video Content to the consumer and plans for expansion.

Of course, with all features, I always ask the business owner, what advice do they have to those who are interested in starting a business. Jonathan responded with “Be in it for the right reasons and you will succeed.” I cannot agree more. I see the passion that Jonathan has. From personal experience, my plan comes with specific workouts tailored to my body and my goals. I am provided instructional videos to ensure that my form and breathing is correct. He checks up on me often, and I have a personalized meal plan. Also, because I attend so many foodie events, my meals are adjusted to account for those too!

Jonathan is on board with making 2018 a year of health, wellness, and positivity! He is offering 20% off of all services for any new member. Offer ends 5/1/18.

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Jonathan can be reached at the following:

  • Jonathan Bosas
  • 708-263-8544
  • IG & FB at @jonathanbosas @getfittraining2010
  • #getfittraining2010 #thegetfittip

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