Introducing *WholeMe* – Healthy fats, natural sweeteners and nothing else!


If you know me, I am the queen of snacking. I can be a mover and a groover at times because I love to dip my head in a bunch of events and hobbies, which means I snack a lot and at most probably consume one large meal a day (bad girl). This is especially the case now that the weather has gotten warmer here in Chicago! I have been more active and have been religiously training for some of my races. I have the Ragnar Relay Chicago in a few weeks and will also be running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the second time. Due to this, I sometimes forget to eat because 1) I don’t have enough time to, 2) I didn’t get a chance to meal prep, or 3) I just don’t have snacks on hand to hold me off. Sadly, in the end I end up relying on preworkout powders for that boost of energy and it also can suppress my appetite. (SMH! Do not follow after me on this!) I am making a much more conscious effort to have snacks on deck both at work and in my bags because I am doing so much harm to myself forgetting to eat and it doesn’t help that I stuff my face late at night to make up for my calorie deficiency.

Luckily, my Instagram stalking skills are coming along and I came across WholeMe on IG while looking for healthy snack options. I reached out to them after reading up on them and they kindly sent me a box with four of their products!

Some notable facts about Whole Me (taken from their About section)

  • “Healthy fats, natural sweeteners and nothing else. At WholeMe we pride ourselves in using only a handful of ingredients – ingredients you can pronounce. Our products are grain-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO verified and free from many common allergens.
  • Healthy fats, sustained energy
    While many other food companies shy away from fat – and opt for its carbohydrate rival, sugar – we celebrate it. The fat in our products comes from nuts, seeds and organic coconut oil – all of which are a clean source of nutrient-dense energy to fuel your active, on-the- go lifestyle.
  • Real sweeteners, full-bodied flavor
    Our products are free of preservatives, artificial syrups and other nonsense, but are certainly NOT free of flavor. Sweetened with real foods like honey, maple syrup and vanilla, there’s no shame in that extra helping. Our sweeteners work to stabilize blood sugar, providing a longer and steadier source of energy. Just as they should.

In addition to the notable mentions above, i’ve come across super ‘healthy’ snacks that can have a bland flavor, however with these, that was not the case! I was really impressed!

Here is a rank and review of the product in the order from my most to least favorite:

Salted Peanut Chocolate: coconut, sunflower seeds, creamy peanut butter, honey and sea salt. I am a huge fan of peanut and chocolate, so the mix was awesome. The balance was nice and I found myself devouring this the quickest. Also chewy!

Lemon Berry Chia: coconut, cashews, chia seeds, dried blueberries and cherries, and the zest of real lemons – minus added sugar and grains.  This actually had less coconut flavoring than the Almond coconut in my opinion and I was able to really taste all the ingredients. Not to mention my soccer teammates absolutely loved this mix!

Almond Coconut: almonds, coconut, pumpkin seeds and a hint of sea salt. This is apparently a fan favorite! I shared this with my soccer teammates and they all loved it too. They really thought there was a good balance of all the ingredients. For me, I thought the mix was a little odd.

Cinnamon Banana Chip: cinnamon, banana, maple, pecans and cocoa nibs. This faintly reminded me of banana bread but it had a different taste to it. I could taste more cocoa and cinnamon. This was my least favorite of the batch because the cocoa and cinnamon were too overpowering for me. Also it would crumble.

Overall, these clusters held their shape well. Only small parts would come off but that was foreseen given how they are made. Very reminiscent of granola chunks but softer and larger squares. I highly recommend these because it works so well with my lifestyle and it gives me a decent amount of nutrition and energy without making me too full!

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For additional information about Whole Me, check out their social media platforms below:

All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid for this entry. I was provided products to help facilitate this entry. If you have any questions or would like to work with me, feel free to reach out to me at

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