If you know me, I loveeee yogurt. It is one of my favorite go to snacks. There are so many ways to incorporate yogurt into your diet. Just to name a few, I have used yogurt as a mayo substitute, cereal substitute, I make overnight oats, I put it in my smoothie, I make smoothie bowls, or I eat it alone.

Also, be aware that yogurt may not be for everyone. I personally feel lucky because I am not lactose intolerant, and thus I can consume yogurt pretty frequently. It is a very versatile food compound.

Alove is the first spoonable aloe vera yogurt in America. The idea came from Japan (btw, this makes me really miss Japan even more now). The yogurt is a mix of creamy yogurt with the “succulent inner parts of the aloe vera leaf”. Due to this, every bite comes with chunks of aloe vera. Alove yogurt comes in six different flavors: Original, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach, Kiwi, and Vanilla. I have tried blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. I was able to pick up these three flavors at my local grocery store in Chicago, called Marianos.

For me, because I am trying to watch my sugar intake, I have had the yogurt twice a week and it’s truly been the BEST dessert alternative! Last notable thing is the fact that this is a Japanese company. I am all about supporting small businesses and seeing this company begin its origins in Japan, and make its way to America, and on the shelves of American shelves makes me very happy. I know there are many other yogurt alternatives, but there is no other yogurt that includes aloe vera the way Alove Yogurt does.


To find where you can pick up some Alove Yogurt for yourself, click here for the store locator.

More information about the yogurt can be found on their website at: aloveyogurt

Other social media accounts are found here:




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