Slimming without the Lipo: Introducing CryoSculpt Chicago!

Raise your hand if you work out 3+ times a week, eat decently right and still have love handles, and extra fluff in unwanted places?! *Raises both hands, over and over again*

This is all so common for me. My entire life i’ve been what one would categorize as an “athlete”. I’ve been playing sports since I was 8, I still play sports now, and I work out on average 4 times a week. Currently I am training for my third full marathon. Pretty much to put it into perspective, I work out, I eat pretty ok, and yet I have these stubborn areas on my body that I work out a lot and yet still have trouble slimming down!

This is where CryoSculpt Chicago comes in! I was introduced to Cryosculpt Chicago earlier this year through my social media platforms. They became a fan of my transparency and how I am not afraid to speak my truth. My ups, downs, and all arounds. This came to fruition when, they asked if I ever tried cryoslimming? A method *best* for those who have some stubborn weight they can’t seem to shake off… Sound familiar? Totally me right?!

The machine is originally from Paris and has been around for years now, however Cryosculpt Chicago has only been open since January of this year. Their sole purpose is “to provide exceptional, progressive, and lifestyle changing treatments through personalized care that emphasizes being comfortable in our own skin.”65606054_396410557648582_8180434044590576789_n.jpg

CryoSkin treatments are measurable fat loss and improved skin appearance. Unlike other fat reduction methods such as liposuction and CoolSculpting, Cryoskin offers a non-invasive solution for a fraction of the cost with no down time. As with most techniques, the results vary from one individual to another. The expected effect is usually rapid, results should be visible immediately and many people continue to see improvements over a 2 week period!

I’m sure some of you are still skeptical, as I was, but honestly, after my mid-section and backfat treatments, I have seen changes to my body! I feel so much more confident. The changes are minor, but it is also monumental for individuals who has *some* stubborn fat, or fluff area. This 28 minute treatment consists of a 3 phase thermal shock that will help naturally destroy fat cells. Studies have shown up to 45% fat loss from 3-6 sessions!

Just remember, you also have to commit on your end. This is meant to help, but you gotta do your share too! For slimming treatments, it is required to avoid any sugar or carbs two hours before & after a session. Also, avoid exercising 1 hour prior to their session but you can still work out directly following your session. And let’s be real, these sessions aren’t inexpensive, and the studio doesn’t want to waste your money or time.

They’ve gone out their way to provide a bunch of brochures and pamphlets to help get you to the best results. They have teamed up with a licensed dietitian to come up with dedicated meal plans to help guide clients on the foods they can eat and/or avoid on the day of treatment. They also frequently team up with local fitness studios and personal trainers to offer their clients special offers and discounts to help them stay active!
Can you do more than one area at once?

Remember, patience is key. Last time I was so eager I asked to do my mid-section and backfat, but with slimming treatments, it can only be done on 1 area every two weeks. Clients may choose to do a Slimming and Toning treatment the same day as long as both treatments are not done to the same area.

Again, slimming treatments can be done once every two weeks. As it takes an average of 2 weeks for your body to completely remove the fat cells from your system, therefore the treatment is most effective when there is 2 weeks in between each session. Toning treatments can be done once every week. For BEST results 3 – 5 sessions is recommended.

Here are some photos from my slimming treatments:
Back/bra fat area:


I know this sounds a lot like CoolSculpting, but wrong!

Although coolsculpting and cryoskin rely on a similar concept to reduce fat, Cryoskin uses a painless and more effective massaging technique with the use of an ultra-sound like wand. Most clients find cryoskin sessions relaxing and see anywhere from .5 – 1.5 inches gone in their first session while coolsculpting may take up to 3 months to show results. The treatments are also a fraction of the cost!

I also got cryotoning on my face, so that my skin can glow and look fresh for a black-tie charity gala!

Cryoskin Facial: It’s basically a non-invasive facial!


Cryoskin Facial is a cryogenic treatment that is performed by what is considered a “cryo probe,” which beams vaporized liquid nitrogen across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Different from the cryotherapy chambers that can be used for pain relief, the facial targets helping the face look younger. I had a few shoots/video shoots to do that was asking for a more natural look. I invested in the cryoskin facial to help plump up the collagen and smooth out any wrinkles I had. It feels like an icepack being rolled along your face, but more tolerable. Also they put a very water-based gel so it keeps my skin hydrated.

I’m sure you also have a lot of additional questions, as I did, since it’s so new to the Chicago market. Also, since every body type is different results may vary. They offer free consultations as an opportunity to see how many sessions a client may need based on your body goals.

Right now they have an amazing deal! Unlike other cryo places, they are offering first session free with a purchase of any 5 session package! Also, feel free to use SANY250 for $250 on any treatment!

Also, here is their price list as a reference:

Single Session:
CryoSlimming – $350
CryoToning Body – $325
CryoToning Facial – $250

3 Sessions (save $75)
CryoSlimming – $975
CryoToning Body – $900
CryoToning Facial – $625

5 Sessions (save $250)
CryoSlimming $ 1,500
CryoToning Body $1,375
CryoToning Facial $1,000

10 Sessions (save $1,000)
CryoToning Facial – $1,500

If you can’t commit to an entire 5 session, they currently have a seasonal promotion going on which is $100 OFF your first slimming or $75 OFF your first body toning session. They also have in-studio promotions with local partnering fitness studios and trainers. Check back on their social media to see who their partnering up next!

If you want to learn more about Cryosculpt and what they do, or to see more amazing before and after pictures, follow them here:

Instagram: @CryoSculptChicago
Facebook: @ChicagoCryoSculpt
Phone: 312.515.8275
Location: 1440 N. Kingsbury St. Suite 221

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