In 2015, Sany created an instagram with the handle “Cali_Meats_Chicago” because she wanted to document her food adventures in a new city. The inception of the name came because of her background as a California native living, eating, and creating a life in Chicago. Hence the play on word of “meats” to be read as “meets”. 1.5 years later, she changed her handle to Sany Delight. Since 2016, Sany Delight, has become more expansive and includes a multitude of different things because she felt that her life was more than just food. She also wanted to share the other facets of her life ranging from food, fitness, travel, blogging, and lifestyle.

Sany Delight has expanded its reach through its website as well as other various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.  With Sany Delight’s brand, she strives to use her platform as a creative outlet and an opportunity to create amazing and enjoyable content.

Sany Delight has followers from all over the world! As of February 2018, Sany Delight’s social media has a following of over 20,000 with an average impression of 20,000 a month. 

In 2017, Sany Delight began to incorporate videos and became the first in Chicago to incorporate lifestyle and food videos that engage my followers with businesses and experiences.

Sany is open to working with businesses from all over the world. If you are interested in collaborating or would like more information, please email