When was the last time, or better yet, how often have you stayed at a hotel, where you found yourself completely in awe? For me, probably 2-3 hotels, but that didn’t come without a heavy cost! Personally, it is rare to find a hotel that offers comfortability just like my own home. When I’m searching for the right hotel, I like to see what amenities they offer, because frankly I am all about convenience. I’m sure you can agree, non-leisurely traveling can be tiring and mundane.

Lucky for me, I was recently invited for an exclusive ​over-night experience at the downtown Chicago Marriott on Magnificent Mile on ​Wednesday,​​​ ​April 19 to Thursday, April 20. The experience included a tour of the newly​-​renovated​ 9,000 square foot fitness center and rooftop garden, a group dinner at Harvest, and a nice overnight stay in one of the luxurious, remodeled guest rooms!! Hollllerrrrr.

The hotel’s fitness center which opened last March is unlike any other in Chicago boasting over 9,000 sq. ft. of redesigned space ideal for every active lifestyle. I can attest to the ideal space because I worked out there TWICE!! yes, that’s right, immediately after checking into my hotel room on Wednesday, I went straight to the fitness center! I then worked out again Thursday morning before checking out. I was so sad to leave, their fitness center puts at least half of the fitness centers in the city to shame!!

Here are some honorary notes about the newly renovated fitness center:

  • The fitness center includes a Fitness Lab, which is a room dedicated to fitness classes on demand. There are over 1,200 classes ranging from pilates, yoga, stretching, spinning, hiit and more. There are pre-programmed schedules between peek hours (5:30am-9:00m and 4-6pm), but they are flexible with requests.
  • If the Fitness Lab is not being used for a class or reserved, you can pick a class in real time and take that class!
  • Located on that floor is their own food menu.  Includes healthy snacks, sport drinks, smoothies, and healthy bites.
  • Provides guests with headphones, work out clothes for both sex in almost every shoe size or clothing size. (How many have you forgot an item or two of your workout gear when traveling? I know I have… way too many times)
  • Last, but certainly not least — the fitness center is spacious with plenty of sunlight. Unlike many hotel gyms I have been to, there is plenty of individualized space and a variety of equipment and weights, such as squat rack, dumb bells that go up to 100 lbs, and crow bars up to 100 lbs.

This is truly not your average Michigan Avenue hotel! Beside the fitness center, this Marriott has their own rooftop garden! You are more than welcome to explore, catch a breath of fresh air, see the beautiful skyline or just walk along the growing herbs. The garden includes but not limited to: basil, mint, thyme, lettuce, jalapeno, and melrose pepper. All the herbs growing in the garden are used for their Spring and Summer menu at Harvest, their the on-site restaurant with locally​-​inspired​,​ healthy options. Not to mention, in addition from the herbs, everything is made in house! From their pasta, down to their meats (examples: sausages and turkey). If they are unable to make it in house, they work directly with local providers to ensure the lightest and healthiest foods!

At Harvest, I was fortunate enough to try a specific “Fit Fam” menu which included: Two Salads: A Spinach/Roasted rhubarb/goat cheese/walnuts/honey vinaigrette and Farro/Orange/Riddichio/Feta; 3 Entrees: Halibut with Charred Spring Onion/Asparagus/Ginger, Vegas Strip with Roasted Pee Wee Potatoes/Squash/Chimmichuri, Chicken Breast with House Ricotta/Swiss Chard/Roasted Tomatoes/Pea Pesto; and 2 Desserts: Greek Yogurt Tart, and Coconut Ice Milk with Roasted Pineapple. Everything was definitely light and the perfect replenisher to my workouts.

Before, I never really understood the reason behind staycations, but thanks to this experience, I truly left feeling refreshed and open to future staycations! I highly recommend booking your next stay at Downtown Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile. If not for a much needed staycation, for your family or future guests in town!


Here, to make it even easier, i’ve provided you the link:





All thoughts and opinions are of my own. I was not paid for this post. I was provided a complimentary room to assist with this blog. If you would like to collaborate, please email at sany.delightblog@gmail.com

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