Support Small Businesses: Kyoto Black Premium Coffee (discount code included!)

Get ready Chicago, Spring is just around the corner and Justin Doggett, owner & founder of Kyoto Black is ready to kick start that season with his premium coffee! If you don’t already know what KB is, KB is a premium coffee concentrate, cold brewed using water slowly dripped through the coffee grounds. He started Kyoto Black in 2015 after spending two years perfecting my technique as a hobby.
Originally he was giving water bottles of it to his friends for free.  They loved it so much that many of them started to regularly buy the bottles from him. Justin states that “I started Kyoto Black because I love Kyoto style cold brew and I wanted to share Kyoto with a wider audience.” When asked what makes KB so special, he responded ,”it’s strong, rich and smooth coffee that tastes like cognac, stout beer and shaved dark chocolate. It can be drunk straight or used to make virtually any coffee drink, hot or cold.”
I have tried KB myself and it is distinct compared to other coffee. Chicago is a huge coffee drinking city, so I asked Justin, what is KB’s biggest accomplishment. Justin replied “For me, I feel the biggest accomplishment has been the great feedback I receive about my coffee.  I was able to make a product that people are excited about.”
Justin has immediate plans to frequent the Loop, Wicker Park, Logan Square and many other neighborhoods with my coffee trike.  He will be offering bottles of ready-to-drink coffee and two nitro draft options.  You can find more up-to-date information about locations on his Instagram page. He is excited to get the ball running this Spring and Summer!
“My advice for anyone starting a small business is to make sure that you love the product you sell.  Genuine enthusiasm makes any sales pitch better. When I give someone my coffee, I feel the same way I do when I introduce a friend to a great song.”
Currently on Kyoto Black’s website, they are offering 20% your first order when you use code “SANY”. This even includes the first order for subscriptions. Discount runs until end of day March 25th! Grab them now!
You can find more information on Facebook and Instagram @kyotoblackcoffee, on Twitter @JustinDoggett or at

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