Barritt’s Ginger Beer, the only ‘beer’ I’ll drink!

There is nothing like Chicago Summers and this is coming from a proud Californian! o whaaaa… For me, living in California, I didn’t appreciate the sun and shine as much, because well, I lived through it However, with Chicago, I am out and about like no other! If there isn’t anything happening around, I’ll try to host my own party. This way I can see as many of my friends at one centralized location as possible. This summer I hosted a summer bbq series called “Sany’s Summertime Delight”. Once a month since June I’ve hosted a potluck at my place. Guest come with food and drinks to share, we hang out, play games, socialize, and of course drink.

Usually I provide all the parties essentials: cups, plates, napkins, utensils, games and music. But, for this final bbq, I am going out with a bang! Thanks to Barritt’s Ginger Beer, which is by far my favorite chaser of all time, I will be mixing up some delicious cocktails ranging from whiskey, gin, tequila, rum to vodka. I am no mixologist so with the help of the recipes on their website, I am going to be making up a bunch of drinks to entertain my guests! Add little garnishes (mint, basil, lemon or lime slices) to your drinks and they make the cocktails a million times fancier.

Next time you go out, check to see if they have the ginger beer. Even though I am not picky when it comes to alcohol. I can take shots, sip on it over ice, or consume cocktails (I’m not an alcoholic, I promise!!). But, when ginger beer is available, I usually go for a cocktail. My favorite cocktails with ginger beer is Whiskey and Vodka, specifically Jameson Irish Whiskey and Tito’s Homemade Vodka.

Their recipes can be found at:

Additional Information about Barritt’s Ginger Beer can be found at:

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