Finishing off 2018 with the FIT mindset

So, last night I committed myself to a health & fitness regime to close out the year. I’m one of those people who is really on their fitness game when the weather is warm or has something special coming up (ie: vacations, weddings, Chicago marathon). Then after it’s back to eating bad & making excuses 😭

Well, this year, bbygirl isn’t gonna let that vicious cycle continue! I am determined to make next year’s marathon my personal best with at least a 20 min difference! (Mark my words!) Since running on the treadmill can be damaging to my knees, I will use the remaining months of this year to focus on more strength training, HIIT exercises, yoga & healthy eating. I already know this is going to be tough with the cold weather coming back, which means less opportunity to be outdoors or even wanna go outdoors.

So, I am made a laundry list. It’s on my phone, in my calendar, written on a notepad at my desk, on a sticky note stuck on my bedroom mirror & now here so you too can keep me accountable! I plan to:
• Visit @bottomlineyoga at least twice a month
• Visit @fit_results_chicago at least 3x a month
• Limit my alcohol consumption to only super super superrrr special events (so foreseeing maybe 2x a month)
• Morning cardio BEFORE work at least once a week
• Personal workout session at my local gym or a new gym around the city at least once a week
• Sign up for the remaining seasons of sports (soccer and flag football)
• No carbs, fried food, sugar, or dairy in the house & limit my consumption to only food events

Where will I find the time for all of this, considering my schedule now? For a moment I thought this was a lot too but after doing the math & figuring out its time commitment, I realized, my time dedicated to working out is only taking up an average of 6-8 hours a week. That’s only an hour a day, if that. If I can find time to work out more I will, but for now, I’m looking at the bigger picture & that’s to stay consistent & keep this as a lifestyle, & not a seasonal thing.

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